An open letter from our fearless leader,
2020 is the Year of the HR Professional in San Diego!

We are absolutely thrilled to continue supporting your professional and personal growth! To this end, HR Café has arranged for an exciting line-up of speakers in 2020 and beyond. While much of our content and meetings have gone virtual, HR Cafe remains a wonderful place for HR professionals to connect and share best practices. Our schedule is available on a quarterly basis, so please bookmark our website:!


HR professionals are responsible for all aspects of an organization. From hiring, to firing, to running payroll, to implementing compliance measures, to managing litigation - whew! - HR does it all!


But, who is looking out for you? Who is making sure that you have the support you need, to thrive in your profession and in your personal life?


That’s where HR Café comes in!


We are here to provide a supportive community, where you feel safe asking for the resources that you need. We are well aware of our confidentiality obligations to our organizations, yet, that doesn’t mean we don’t need fresh perspectives at times.


For example, how do other organizations structure their internship programs? What type of benefit packages are retaining millennial employees? Who has worked for a company that has undergone an acquisition?


Collaboration is essential to moving the vision of HR Café forward.


Our vision is simple. We want to bring you speakers that help you define your career path. We want to assist you in refining your strategy to achieve your professional goals. And - we want to have some fun along the way!


Thank you for your continued support of our organization! We look forward to supporting you and your organization in the months and years ahead!

Nicole C. Baldwin, Esq.

HR Café, President

Nicole C. Baldwin

Driving Health + Wellness in HR

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