2018 Law Review

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Prepare your workplace for 2018 and beyond. Brenda Kasper and Lisa Frank provided a practical and entertaining seminar that provides the HR and employment law essentials you need to know for 2018. Topics include:

2017 Year in Review -- A comprehensive summary of case law, legislative and regulatory updates that will affect California and multi-state employers in 2018. Best practice advice for changes to implement in your workplace.

HR Lessons from Uber, Fox News, Google and Beyond: How to Prepare Your Workplace for 2018 -- We will use 2017's top HR stories to provide a comprehensive and in-depth discussion of compliance and litigation trends under federal, local and state law. Topics will include updates on pay equity, discrimination, leave, disability accommodation, harassment, retaliation, compliance changes under the Trump administration and more.

Download a copy of their presentation:

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