The Resourceful Human

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Being the glue that holds the organization together can be a very thankless job, but also very rewarding if you put the people first.

Our San Diego Human Resource professionals have been put in the spotlight over the last two years as the economy grows and the amount of work on the average HR professional desk is growing faster than the economy!

HR has to work to execute strategies and make changes across various business functions to come up with innovative solutions to offset business cost pressures internally and externally. Throughout the economic growth, many HR professionals have become more prominent members of the management team, needing to demonstrate objectivity and ask difficult questions in a bid to ensure organizational success.

The ability to act as a business partner and cement relationships with senior professionals across the organization is a critical step in Human Resource’s role within the company. The business needs a senior HR professional to act as adviserto the company and therefore it's really important to invest time in building strong working relationships with the employees of the company.

HR plays a key step in meeting the organization needs, employee’s needs and the executive team’s vision. This can be done by focusing on the people. People create value & people create efficiency - remember you wouldn’t even have a company if it wasn’t for the people.

Building a company has never been easy, but it's more challenging today than ever before. Getting the right people on the bus and keeping them is like playing a game with rules that are constantly changing and with endlessly increasing competition. The Resourceful Human is the person, or person(s), that keeps the ship sailing, balancing the employees and executive team to drive the company forward.

Focus on people: Innovation doesn't make us unique anymore, or at least not for very long. What makes us unique are the people we hire and the culture they work in. Invest in your people and your culture, to be simple – it’s just the right thing to do. People can create more value quickly because they're more invested in your success as a company. Those HR professionals looking to provide value to their organization must understand how they impact the people as the Resourceful Human.

Those HR professionals that focus on people not only win with senior management – but will win in their careers!

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