HR Café

(San Diego HR Roundtable)

is a professional peer membership


The mission of HR Café is to connect HR professionals in a learning community that supports growth and renewal.  HR Café is a place to dialogue about things that matter. We do this through sharing ideas and practical tools that can be applied in any organization to increase the positive influence of HR as leaders and business partners.



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Hands-on Learning & Tools

Whether it's sharing knowledge and tips in a Peer Café or attending a Lunch & Learn, each of our events engages you with exercises, feedback, discussion and practical take-home tools.

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If keeping your continuing education credits current is important to you, rest assured that all of our programs offer SHRM and HRCI credits.

Personal Growth and Career Development

We are dedicated to going beyond keeping you current, by offering you opportunities to advance your career and prepare yourself for the challenges of the future.



HR Café is designed to be different.

In addition to scheduling great speakers and offering convenient accredited classes and workshops, we also ensure that every program we offer gives you practical tools, along with the opportunity to practice those tools. We balance learning the newest concepts and theories with the wisdom of our experienced community of peers, to ground ourselves in what works and what's being practiced in real-life work situations. We emphasize building relationships across fields of expertise, size of company, and business models. It is the harnessing of this diverse community that helps us all to rise to the challenges of tomorrow. 



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James M. Morrison Insurance Services, Inc. offers one stop shopping for your health insurance and employee benefits needs.



IES handles every aspect of back office administration – from processing payroll for employees and paying your temporary workers, to administering benefits, and to client billing and collections.



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